Opening Night

6:16 PM

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Endless Video

Gwendolyn Infusino

Run Time

16 m 58 s



Content Warnings: 



Los Angeles, CA


When laissez-faire employee Kevvo maxes out the store credit card ordering hundreds of Western Troma films, a group of well-intentioned but hopelessly flawed film clerks are plunged into a tailspin as they struggle to save their beloved video store from extinction.

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From the director:
"This is a story about moving on. Set in a place stuck in the past, where nothing works anymore.

It's also a celebration of physical media culture, and a comedy - that at its core - is about nostalgia and loss.

I've worked for Ken's World of Video (formerly the largest video collection in the midwest), Facets Multi-Media, Cinema/Chicago, Odd Obsession, curated rare film at MCA Chicago, and more. Grew up with artist / musician parents with floor-to-ceiling video stacks, and spent my time exchanging videotapes with my friends.

I was the only (or one of very few) women present in all of these spaces. "Endless Video" is a satire featuring all male characters - satirizing male-dominated spaces from a female perspective. The dynamic of these spaces were always distinctly flawed due to a lack of diversity. Without the benefit of varied perspectives to boost growth and problem solving, their progress was always noticeably hampered."

Gwendolyn Infusino is an award-winning writer, director, producer, curator and educator with an MFA in Film Production: Writing/Directing from UCLA. Her MFA thesis film “Endless Video” - shot on S16mm film and magnetic tape. Gwendolyn recently managed the production of Eleanor Coppola’s upcoming feature LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE, was a shooter on Francis Ford Coppola’s live cinema project “Distant Vision”, and taught Film and Television Directing at UCLA.