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No Coast Film Fest Awards

2022 No Coast Film Fest Awards without winner names - Annie Honn glassblower emporia ks fi

Award winners will receive a custom glass award and a free copy of Final Draft 12


Each No Coast Film Fest award is a one of a kind piece, handcrafted by a local artist. This year the awards have been created by glassblower Annie Honn. You can find her on Instagram here.


Each official selection is  scored on nine different metrics by our panel of judges. The Grand Jury Prize is awarded to the highest average score. 

Metrics scored include: 
Originality / Creativity, Direction, Writing, Cinematogrpahy, Performances, Production Value, Pacing, Structure, & Sound/Music​


The Kraken is awarded to an excellently crafted short that was truly unexpected - as surprising as a kraken in a landlocked state.

This award goes to one of the most original or creative shorts we see in our festival lineup. One that reaches off the screen, grabs us, and refuses to let go. 


This award is for the most crowd-pleasing short, and is chosen through popular vote by attendees at the 2021 No Coast Film Festival.

2022 Guest judges

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